Friday, 28 March 2008

Birthday Fun

usAlthough my birthday was a month ago, my inveterate laziness has prevented me from posting anything about it. Which is a good thing, as I only just cashed in a present credit last night. Irons have been weighing heavily on my mind since I went to Target and spent a whole 10 bucks on one two months ago (featured in the previous post). It was a good little iron, for $10 at least, but I needed something with a bit of oomph. I chose one that cost 10 times the amount of my original one, although I would have been ok spending 15 times that if not for a few cash flow complications. And now, because I love material possessions so much, I present to you my new iron;

Isn't it beautiful? It's got buttons instead of a dial to control the heat setting, and it beeps when it's hot enough to be used. It also has an auto shut off thing, where it just turns off after 8 minutes of doing nothing! Amazing! Aaaaahhh, things. How I love them..

Defiantly the late highlight to my birthday. The other highlights include this incredible birthday cake made by my sister in the shape of Soundwave;

And this video captured by my friend of the main event;