Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sew U Home Stretch

This is my most recent acquisition and tonight I'm going to work on one of the dress variations. I'll get to use my brand new rotary cutter and mat, which I bought on the advice in both of Wendy Mullins books. Fingers crossed for me!


Hello Internet said...

Is "Sew U" like a cool, hip way play on the words "Screw You" or something??

hat! said...

Hahaha no, it's an uncool play on words that says "SO U". But you're sewing geddit.

Ru said...

I thought she meant 'sew u' as in 'sew yourself', like sew yourself some clothes that define you...or something. But thats probably very uncool to over think it like that huh?

Also shouldn't I get a post about the picture I did for your blog title, because it is very special?