Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Successful Projects Since My Last Post = 3 (Part I)

I present here 2! And one of them is a t-shirt.. still a sewing success, even if it is the simplest thing around to sew. It took a lot of trial and error to get such an ordinary looking garment, and now that I'm looking at the picture I'm not so sure that I'm done yet. Please excuse the poor quality and ridiculous posing, it was necessary to get my arms out of the way but it just ended up looking pretty dork.

I decided that I wanted a tight fitting shirt that wasn't baggy in some places and tight across the chest, like everything in the shops (the original impetus to sew). So I went to good old Supre and bought a 5 dollar shirt that fit pretty much how I wanted it to. I unpicked it and traced it to use as my pattern and then made a few minor tweaks to the fit. I changed the armholes and the sleeves slightly and I'm not so sure I have that totally down yet. Looking at the picture, I think I need more ease in the sleeve cap, which is easy enough, as I have now made so many t-shirts I can do one in 20 minutes!

This is Simplicity 3750*;

When I cracked open the tissue and had a look at the very kindly provided ease measurements (why don't all patterns have this??) I decided that instead of the size 16 the envelope said I should make I would instead make a size 8, the smallest size in the envelope. I am never getting a non-multi-size pattern ever again! Having the option of going a size that small is definitely way better than probably having to go back and get another size. Which I have done twice, even with patterns with size 12 in them which I thought I'd be safe with. Another case of how handy an ease measurement would be, the 'final garment' measurement is not super accurate to go off all the time (looking at you Burda!).

This top taught me the pain of invisible zips. I think I took it out 4 times and it still sucks, and it jams because I got thread caught in it from taking it out and putting it in over and over. I'm pretty happy with it overall, however next time I might make a ten for the top but keep the bottom part an 8. It needs more decolletage, which I feel I need to show as much as possible before I get much older. My birthday is coming up and I feel oooooold.

This mega-post will be continued because I haven't posted in a while and I have one more amazing thing to talk about, plus a blouse!

One more thing. Me and Ruth did some silk screening over Christmas, and I made a shirt for myself;


But also a cool one, yo.

* Initially this was a horrifying typo that I literally recoiled from. What the hell humanity, seriously.

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