Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Attack of the n00b

After a little late night measurement as a cure for insomnia, I've discovered the magic of "ease of fit". I previously reported that I didn't fit the patterns from the "Sew U" book. However I revisted them again today and I compared the pattern of the shorts that fit me to the pants in the book and they are the exact same size. Hurray! I don't think I'm supposed to fit any of them but the shirt and the pants have a larger ease meant for slimmer people that I will just have to fill out. The skirt still doesn't fit but I'm considering adding a seam allowance to the pattern because the toile fits unsewn.

Expect more idiotic, unfounded complaints as soon as I start any one of these projects.


Ruth said...

It is funny that they have such a large ease of fit, but if you look at the pictures that illustrate the style on the pattern sleeve you can see why. But I think they will look just as good in a form hugging style, which is what you like anyway. But I recon that you might want to use a slightly stretchy fabric for the pants...that way you wont make your crotch sad.

hat! said...

Hahaha make my crotch sad. Yes I was going to, it is quite a shallow curve anyway. You're right, I think it is just a matter of preferenece and luckily I like them tighter. It made my day seeing "1 comment" under my post :D