Sunday, 10 February 2008

Back from the slump

As promised in my last entry, I abandoned the shirt projects in favour of some much easier ones. But as with any beginner, the inevitable complete and catastrophic failure caught up with me and I managed to ruin both a skirt and a loosely fitting jumper. That technically made 4 failures in a row (I counted the abandoned projects as failures) and I got a little sad and didn't want to think about sewing for a bit.

A couple of purchases buoyed my spirits though and I have a book on fitting techniques winging its way to me right now, courtesy of 5 dollars and ebay. Op-shopping is always good for the soul and yesterday was pretty successful. I got some ugly corduroy and flannel and Ruth got the most amazing purchase in the history of the universe; a knitting machine for 20 bucks. I didn't think my score of 7.5 metres of black drill for 3 dollars would be topped for some time..

This all ads up to a renewed sense of sewing-purpose and hopefully I will report back soon with some successfully completed projects!

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